*game should be fixed and playable*  u_u

Created as a gift for reddit user Nyctangel. Happy Arbitrary Day!

This is a cute Unicorn platformer, with multiple endings, that we created from scratch within a three week deadline.

Mister Marshmellow created the concept, writing, artwork, and character/sprite design.

Fred Bird did all coding/programming, and level design.


unicorn_desktop.zip 122 MB

Development log


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I wish there were more dialogues in the game as that's really the part I enjoyed the most. The game functions well as a platformer but I really wish you could interrupt the dash with your second jump instead of having to time it after the dash completes it would feel so much smoother, but I guess how it is adds challenge. Overall a pretty fun platformer with some laughs also if possible making the final text for the endings a button command to continue instead of timed would be dope. my play through with 3 (maybe all?) endings: 


There are 6 endings!

I wrote the dialogue, Im glad you liked it  :)

I'll have Fred give a poke at the programming, and fix the dash-jump timing thing, and see about more time for the ending blurbs.

Thank you for your feedback!