Armed with a divine sword and a ravenous appetite, rid the world of the abominations that plague it. 

And maybe make some friends along the way.

CONSUME_EVIL is a platformer all about dodging and weaving through waves of projectiles using a short-range teleportation skill. 

It's also an interactive fiction with five unique "romance" "storylines" unlocked through gameplay.

### The HTML version's last level was "simplified" so as to avoid the game being incompletable in browser. Download for full experience.


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amazing. one of the best games I played in 2019. lots to think about. carefully written. interesting levels. great art. wanna cuddle those abominations

thank you! The abomination could probably use the cuddles, they have a rough life.

I was wondering why there where so little information on this game and then I realized it's only 3 days old! Loved it!

haha, thank you!

I should definitely just git gud. However, I feel that - because jump isn't the up arrow and is its own key - I should be able to teleport upwards while holding the right and up arrows. As is, I have to completely let go of the right arrow to teleport up, and it makes everything unnecessarily harder. Ruins the ninja flow. 

I see, that's something to consider, thank you.

This is an absolutely phenomenal game, the levels of rage I felt were just on the brink of manageable so you've struck a great balance! The only issue I found was that the frame rate dipped quite a bit in the later levels when things started getting more hectic, it wasn't a gamebreaker though, just a slight annoyance.

This is the first instance of a game of mine being lets played! I feel special.

Haha, I'm pleased I could be your first! I hope I did it justice!

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Just wanted to add, did you know that this game leads into  <-this game? With the sword following and the little friend at the end. Its a not-so-sequel-sequel.

Yknow. If you wanted to make another Lets Play  xD

But I guess this is an older bad version, and is being updated soon, so maybe wait for the update before you play.