left/right arrows : move left / right //// left/right arrows when next to wall :  attach to wall

up arrow : jump //// up arrow on wall : jump off wall //// up arrow when falling : fall slowly /// up arrow while jumping : double jump

down arrow : go through platform / fall fast //// down arrow while landing : flower boom

space bar : select / pause

// The ball's bounce direction is affected by its point of contact as well as your movement //

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorFred Bird
Made withConstruct
TagsArcade, Pixel Art, pong, Romance


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This is a really neat idea! Nice twist on the classic gameplay.

Thank you! :3

hey, nice game! however, i've been having problems with the controls. i suggest replacing the wall jump with a simple double jump which can be reactivated by touching the ground OR a wall. that would result in a wall jump like technique which however should be easier to use than the current wall jump, which requires perfect timing in it's current state.

That does sound pretty good, I might just try it.

This is incredibly cute! The gameplay is pretty lopsided though, since Olivia has difficulty with the spaces between the platforms, and also it's possible for her to jump over into The Pong's area and if that happens it's kind of hard for her to get back out (not impossible though). Is there something that happens if you manage to win?

If you get stuck on the Pong's side of the wall on a level that has such a thing, you can climb over it. Olivia has a wall-jumping ability :3

Ah, good to know! That probably makes the normal gameplay easier too. :) I managed to get her out of The Pong's well by jumping up on top of The Pong and then continuously jumping until they were high enough to get out. (Or just waiting for the match to end.)

It's actually necessary for a couple of levels. I'll go ahead and add a list of moves to the page at least.

Good on you getting out without it though XD

A "couple of levels?" So things DO change eventually. Guess I gotta get better at it. :)