A downloadable Season 1

The download file contains all of season 1 of Sky flounder, as well as

-the exported art assets made in flicksy (https://candle.itch.io/flicksy

-The starter flicksy (https://candle.itch.io/flicksy) data file that is the starting structure of all Sky Flounder episodes, so that you could pop that into flicksy (https://candle.itch.io/flicksy) and make your very own Sky Flounder episode if it so pleased you. 

All assets present in the package are free to use to your heart's content if such a thing happens to tickle your fancy.

The episodes included are:





Install instructions

Unpack the .zip file. HTML files will open in your browser to play.  

Arts are also zipped so unzip that too. Go to flicksy (https://candle.itch.io/flicksy) and "import project data" the sky founder episode base .json file to make an episode.


sky_flounder-S1_package.zip 976 kB

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